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A Positive Attitude - Tip #34

What is the most frequently admired characteristic of the classy person?

Being Positive

Does this surprise you?

Virtually everyone enjoys being around a person who has a positive attitude – an attitude that is reflected in a smile, in his/her demeanor, tone of voice, and actions.

A positive person looks for the good qualities in life, and the good qualities in people. A positive parent sets an example, so a child can learn this behavior during the early formative years. This knowledge and awareness will become ‘a life-skill’ that will benefit the child during his/her entire life. The child will mature into an adult, who becomes a positive boss, setting realistic goals for employees; expecting positive results; then acknowledging and rewarding those results.

The classy person looks at the glass as being half-full, not half-empty; and is a responsible person who fulfills his/her obligations realizing the importance of commitments.

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