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- Creating a 'Work of Art' in Our Public & Private Lives - Tip #21

Life lessons are frequently taught during the quiet, simple moments. These moments are like pieces of a mosaic that fit together to create an overall image, or picture. Very slight variations among some of the pieces can make the picture interesting, but the overall effect is the result of the cohesiveness of all the individual pieces.

What does this mosaic tell us? It says that overall consistency is important; that an occasional, beautiful variation in one small piece can add quality. But variations in small pieces that are garish will negatively impact the overall mosaic. It’s a reminder that every situation offers us an opportunity to add to our mosaic. Each small piece within the mosaic represents a moment when we may be teaching lessons to those around us, by how we behave.

Human nature tends to have us “polish our image” and “act on our best behavior” when we’re in public doing our work or attending a social event. Psychologists talk about a person’s ego and the importance human beings place on having a healthy one. So maintaining one’s reputation for being capable and professional is a key component to the success oriented person; and great effort is often expended to reinforce that persona, which is often rewarded.

If someone is naturally bright, and has a warm, engaging personality with a comfortable balance in life, this public persona occurs as a true extension of that person - for this is the person’s true character. But there are times when even the best of us may “temporarily forget our manners”. Or, perhaps be in a situation that’s perceived as “it doesn’t matter”, and our behavior becomes less than congenial.

This misperception can create unfortunate results for the unprepared. New pieces in our mosaic start showing up in unattractive hues that devalue the art. Let me share two examples so we can understand what happens if we neglect being the ‘best we can be’ just because we think, that at the moment, it really doesn’t matter.

The first example is when we’re traveling. Whether for business or pleasure, travelling is potentially a very stressful event. Our daily routine is disrupted and creature comforts are often missing. Time zone changes take a personal toll on sleep, and mealtimes become irregular. Back in our office, the work doesn’t stop just because we’re away, it often backs-up. Modern technology keeps us “connected” which can be a double-edged sword. We’re now in effect, “in two places at once”.

Life is a continual juggling act when travelling. The additional physical and mental demands can create a situation that undermines our normal ability to effectively keep all the balls in the air. Add to this, being in a locale where we aren’t known, we may think, “nobody knows me, so I can say and do what I feel” creating a sometimes obnoxious attitude. However, the ability to maintain our composure under these stresses is the true reflection of ourselves.

The second situation that demands “the art of juggling” is at home. For most of us, when we think about home, a sense of relaxation occurs. But with today’s busy lifestyles, serenity can be wishful thinking for the homes where chaos reigns supreme.

Bad habits at home sometimes develop, that add to the stress for everyone in the household. We need to ask ourselves, “Do I take out the day’s frustrations when I arrive home, by using a negative tone of voice and being gruff?” Or, “Do I ignore my family members by focussing all my attention on television or the computer?” These behaviors can only add to the chaos.

Home and family is certainly the place to be comfortable. But we also have a responsibility to our family members to be pleasant. Striving to put our best foot forward when we’re at home, just as we do in public, will always make things better for everyone.

Look at the mosaic you’re creating by your behavior. Is it representative of the overall person you want to be? Are you putting the same energy, warmth and creativity into your behavior while travelling or spending family time at home, as in the workplace and at social functions, where we know “everyone is watching”?

The classy person understands that many times it’s the small details in life that often create the greatest impact on those around us, and that we are either most proud or most embarrassed by how we behave at these times in our lives.

I'm Looking forward to sending you another of my ClassyTips next week. Until then, have a great week, and don't forget to visit my Forum that answers your questions on 'Becoming the Best You Can Be'.

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