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- Be Casual - But not Crummy - Tip #10

In the previous two weeks we’ve talked about looking your best, so I want to share just a few more ideas about how we can look our best before moving to a completely new topic next week.

A classy person pays attention to how he or she looks, even when dressing for very casual activities.

There are three general categories of casual clothing –

1. Activities not requiring business or formal clothing
2. Sports or hobbies
3. “Just comfy”, or lounging around the house.

When you’re not dressed for work or a formal affair, you’re wearing casual clothes. The first category may find you entertaining family and friends in your home, spending the afternoon shopping, or going to dinner and a movie. This category encompasses the majority of our time when we’re not at work; and clothing needs run the gamut because of the wide range of activities.

The second category with sports and hobbies requires clothing that doesn’t restrict a person’s range of motion, and perhaps even protect him or her from the weather. Examples would be clothes for jogging, walking, basketball, soccer, sailing, gardening, swimming, hiking, skiing, tennis or golf. So the first requisite is that the clothing is functional for the sport or hobby.

The third category covers the times that you’re not planning to leave your house or apartment. You’ve changed into comfy clothes after work, or you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast and reading the morning paper.

Each of these categories will require different clothing choices. The one thing they all have in common is that you should invest time and thought in the planning and choices for all your casual clothing needs. Unfortunately, many times we leave this portion of our wardrobe selection to happen stance.

If you’re going to a gym you may think about how you’ll look and pay attention to the clothing you choose to wear. But if you’re just going to jog in the neighborhood or garden in the backyard, you may grab some mismatched old clothes in the back of the closet.

Plan for all your activities, even relaxing ones, so you’re closet is prepared when you quickly reach for something to wear. Dressing to look good not only helps when others see you, but it actually makes you feel better about yourself. You’ll have better posture and move with a greater sense of strength and ease.

One way to always look your best, even when working out in sweat pants and a T-shirt, is to wear clothes that are color coordinated. Select a color that looks good on you, as we discussed in last week’s ClassyTip, and stay within that color family anytime you purchase your casual clothing. The same color worn top to bottom will give you a healthy glow and that ‘put together look’, whether you’re a man or woman. Think of navy, gray, cream or black. These colors are classics for a good reason, and you can usually find items in each color every season. Blue jeans worn with a light blue shirt is an example.

Clothes for sporting activities have trendy and fashionable colors each season and because of wear, you’ll likely be replacing them often. New selections will coordinate with last year’s styles, especially if you stay within a color palette. If you need to stretch your budget, choose clothes in the classic color families so year to year purchases will work together.

To expand beyond a single color family, choose two or three colors that complement each other. This will give you the option each day to wear all one color or mix and match. Classic examples would be navy, red, and white; navy, gray, and white; black, gray, and white; khaki, navy, and white; or khaki and cream.

Your casual clothing is an area where you can wear colors that may not be appropriate for your job. You may work in a conservative profession that requires dark tailored suits all week. And you enjoy bright colors. Your work out clothing may be a fun way for you to wear those bright colors. Select the colors or tones within a color range that look good on you, and coordinate the pieces to build your casual wardrobe.

To assist you in always looking your best, keep your casual clothing in your closet according to its color family. This system is especially helpful when you’re grabbing your jogging shorts and shirt at 4 in the morning.

You never know whom you might run into while shopping in the mall, taking in an evening movie, jogging, or even who might drive by your house as you’re pulling weeds in the front yard. By planning your casual ‘look’, including a baseball cap to keep the sun off your face, you’ll look great, not crummy.

A classy person wants to look his or her best whether out shopping, participating in a sporting event, or relaxing on the patio.

I'm Looking forward to sending you another of my ClassyTips next Wednesday. Until then, have a great week, and don't forget to visit my Forum that answers your questions on 'Becoming the Best You Can Be'.

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