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- Social Functions with a Business Edge - Tip #9

You’ve received an invitation to the company picnic, a colleague’s wedding, the CEO’s retirement party, or a sales reward trip. The invitation presents a wonderful opportunity to spend time with others in your company, away from the job. Building rapport and developing relationships with co-workers, bosses and subordinates is as important internally as it is externally with your clients.

These invitations carry an expectation that you will attend. Even though the event may be “social”, it should always be considered “work-related”. Keeping this in mind, your social graces need to be impeccable. Not only can improper or incorrect behavior cause you a moment’s embarrassment; bad behavior can cost you a promotion.

To be a good guest at a company related social function, use the following tips.

Dress - Dress conservatively, whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual event. Avoid wearing provocative clothing. This would include revealing necklines and ultra short skirts on women, or skimpy bathing suits and tight fitting clothing on either a man or woman.

Dressing conservatively still means wearing clothes appropriate for the occasion. For a summer picnic, you can certainly wear shorts and a casual shirt. You just wouldn’t select short shorts that are skin-tight, no matter how fantastic your legs look.

One wardrobe area often neglected is good looking casual clothing and accessories that give you a “pulled together” look, and are functional for social or business activities. Check your closet. Can you put together an outfit, including shoes, which will give you a casual, polished look?

Alcohol - Alcohol consumption needs to be monitored so you don’t have “one too many”. You may think you’re the life of the party, but bad behavior will sabotage you.

The ability to maintain your composure is important to your company, as you represent them when doing business with suppliers and clients; and you represent your division or group within your corporation. I’ve been in senior management meetings when an employee’s behavior at a holiday party has directly and negatively impacted the person’s career.

Attitude - Be refreshed and happy to be attending the event. You may prefer to be playing golf with your best friends, but don’t ever let that attitude show during your boss’ bar-b-que. Realize this social occasion is important to your career, and may actually turn out to be a lot of fun.

Go to any social event with the attitude that you’re glad to be included and look forward to the opportunity of spending time with the guest of honor and the other guests. The event will also give others the chance to get to know you better. It’s refreshing to carry on a conversation without the interruptions of phone calls and other work demands.

Complaints you may have about the management of your company, or any individuals within the company, should not be voiced at these functions. Critical remarks, even if based on facts, will reflect poorly on you, and bring a negative tone to the social setting. Keep your conversation in a positive light.

Company hierarchy - Job positions remain with a person even outside the office. Remember that the boss is still the boss. Keep this in mind during your conversations.

Also, be cognizant of any guest of honor. Make sure to pay your respects to that person, don’t just spend your time with your inner circle.

The underlying requisite in any “business related function” is to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. The classy person always remembers - business is business, no matter how casual the event.

I'm Looking forward to sending you another of my ClassyTips next Wednesday. Until then, have a great week, and don't forget to visit my Forum that answers your questions on 'Becoming the Best You Can Be'.

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