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Kimberley Roberts etiquette, manners, confidence, and success go hand-in-handWelcome to my ClassyTip for this week which focuses on:

- Appearance
- Behavior
- Communication

- Appearing Confident - Tip #5

Let’s think a moment – What makes a person look uncomfortable or out-of-place when in a group or at a meeting?

The classy person has an air of confidence, which can be observed at all times. The most important trait you need for achieving this confident persona is having ‘controlled body movement’. This means you never make sudden, wild gestures or movements. Your head and body are in control, you’re composed, and any gestures you make are deliberate and appropriate.

The following are habits that detract from this persona:

- Finger tapping
- Foot tapping or kicking
- Picking at one’s ears, nose, or mouth
- Fidgeting or bobbing
- Rolling one’s eyes
- Playing with one’s hair or beard
- Tugging or pulling on clothing
- Gum chewing

These habits can occur at any time, whether you’re seated or standing, talking or listening. And not only are they distracting and annoying, they diminish one’s credibility.

Oh yes, and when are we most likely to display the above detracting habits? When we’re under stress, in new situations or environments, or unsure of our self. It’s during these situations that it is most important to become conscious and in control of our body movements and habits.

Your non-verbal communication speaks louder than any words you say. To be classy, maintain flexibility and good posture, which not only gives your body stature, but also allows you to make refined, smooth, and controlled body movements.

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