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Kimberley Roberts etiquette, manners, confidence, and success go hand-in-handWelcome to my ClassyTip for this week which focuses on:

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- Conversational Topics - Tip #3

Conversation is used as an icebreaker and to create warm memories for everyone attending a social or business function. Your responsibility as a guest is to help in the conversational process. To do this, think about the others who will be with you at the function. These are the people you’ll be conversing with.

There are topics you can, and will discuss, with your dearest friends. However, when you’re among a group of acquaintances or business associates keep your conversational topics neutral.

Good neutral topics include:

- The weather
- Travel
- Restaurants
- Movies and entertainment
- Sports or a sporting event

Asking someone’s opinion is not only flattering, but can provide you with good information. Perhaps you’re deciding on a vacation spot, or looking for a new restaurant to try.

Topics to avoid:

- Personal illnesses or operations
- Family or personal difficulties

There are two reasons to stay away from these topics. First, you’ll bore the others, and put a damper on the atmosphere. And second, the information should be kept private for your own protection.

A classy person helps to make conversations interesting and pleasant for everyone involved.

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