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Kimberley Roberts etiquette, manners, confidence, and success go hand-in-handWelcome to my ClassyTip for this week which focuses on:

- Appearance
- Behavior
- Communication

- Composure - Tip #2

You’re on your way to an important meeting. It could be a business meeting - with your board or with a client. It could be a social meeting - with a new date or with a dear friend or spouse.

Prepare and present yourself so you’re comfortable and confident. The other people at the meeting will subconsciously sense that confidence.

As you enter the room where the meeting will occur, pause momentarily.

This momentary pause allows you to psychologically ‘arrive and be ready to participate in the meeting’, and to physically ‘present yourself as a confident person who’s prepared’. You’ll also take this moment to evaluate where the meeting is taking place and who is already there.

You now have your composure and are focused. You’ll step into that meeting on the right foot!

A key trait of a classy person is the ability to maintain his or her composure in all situations.

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