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- Always Appearing at your Best - Tip #1

First impressions only happen once. And the image you project will start you off on the right, or the wrong, foot. So pay attention to the details of your grooming and wardrobe, and you’ll be known as someone who’s an asset to have around.

What are key details that make the difference?

It goes without saying that to be well groomed, both you and your clothing are clean and tidy. Clothing is pressed, shoes shined, facial hair on men is trimmed.

Hairstyles for women and men are a personal choice, based on type of hair, age, wardrobe style, and profession. But keeping your hairstyle trimmed, so it maintains its shape, is critical to always looking your best.

Your wardrobe is also a personal choice, based upon your age, your style, and your profession or lifestyle. Whether you’re wearing casual shorts, a business suit, or evening attire, it’s imperative to make sure your clothes fit you correctly. Nothing detracts more quickly from your image than a poorly fitting piece of clothing – whether it’s too big, or too tight.

Plan your wardrobe so it matches your lifestyle. By doing this, you’ll be appropriately dressed for all your activities and the events you attend.

A classy person is always prepared to look his or her best. Then once out the door each day, attention can focus on others -- ready to make a terrific first impression.

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